Now With Green Growing Things  

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I've finally added some plants to my back patio. Only a few so far. The first set consists of a small rose bush, salvia, and lily of the Nile, in your basic terracotta pots. The little table there came with the chairs, and makes a good plant stand.

In the other corner I've placed a Confederate Jasmine. It's definitely one of my favorite plants, and looks and smells amazing when it blooms. To keep with the Mediterranean feel, I got the big terracotta pot there with the neat looking vine creeping around the whole thing.

The nursery I got them from, Blodgett Gardens, also had a really cool armillary, that I want the jasmine to grow on. A bit of Roman statuary and I'll be all set.

This is still just a start, though I might not do a whole lot more this season. Ultimately I want there to be green and flowers everywhere. I better see how well I do taking care of these before I spend hundreds of dollars on more plants. It'll also give me a chance to see what I can find at the medieval fairs next winter. I really like their copper fountains.

Still Needs a Few Plants  

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A couple of weeks ago, I found some patio furniture for my house. I had been wandering around the garden sections at Walmart, Lowe's, and Home Depot, when I found this table at the Home Depot.

I love the tile. I didn't have anything in particular in mind when I was looking, but when I saw the table, I knew that's what I wanted. Puts me in mind of the Mediterranean.

My next goal is to deck it out with plants and flowers. It'll be a jungle by the time I'm done with it. Though that might take some time, given that I'll have to get pots and planters and everything else. Oh well. Gives me time to plan. I think I ought to stick with the Mediterranean theme.

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