Cyberpunk Pistol Post Mortem  

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Well, the cyberpunk pistol did not survive Dragon*Con. I had two basic flaws in the construction. The first is that the superglue I used wasn't strong enough. Bumping through all the crowds, a couple of bits and panels were pulled off. Also, the magnets I used to clip the gun to my hip were considerably stronger than the glue, so part of the gun stayed magnetized to me when I pulled it off. Oops. I think a two-part epoxy would have held together much better.

The second problem was paint chipping. Again, the seething mass of humanity that makes up Dragon*Con was quite rough on the props, and a fair bit of paint around the edges was rubbed or chipped off. The gun largely being silver underneath, the effect looked like chipped paint, rather than something like weathered steel. I'll need to look into matte lacquers or something to protect props in the future.

While I liked the look of the gun, the packed crowds at conventions means the props and accessories need to be quite durable, much more so than a stage prop. My cyberpunk pistol didn't survive the test. I am unsure at this point if it would be easier to pull the gun apart and re-glue it with epoxy, or to simply make a new one.

Oh well. Important things to learn for next year.

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